The ASAT focuses on the different types of Evidence-Based Treatment in the field. Their website allows you to look at all of the available treatments in alphabetical order including psychological, educational, therapeutic and biomedical interventions.


Association for Science in Autism Treatment

This local resource provides information about services in your area, safety products, insurance questions, and a list of Evidence-Based Treatments. 


Autism Alliance
of Michigan

Autism Society of Michigan

This resource includes information regarding local Autism services in Michigan, upcoming events in the area, and links to relevant articles.

Address: 6035 Executive Dr., Ste. 109, Lansing, MI 48911
Phone Number(s): (517) 882-2800, (800) 223-6722

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks has a number of different resources for families to explore. Some of the areas of interest that might be relevant include: research in the field, events within communities, available grants, and a 100 day kit for newly diagnosed individuals and families.


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides a wealth of information regarding the signs, causes, and basic facts about Autism. Additionally, they provide information about screenings and diagnoses, as well as types of treatments. 


Center for Disease Control

Michigan Alliance for Families can help provide families with information regarding special education services. Their website can connect parents with other parents and answer questions regarding their child's special education programs. 


Michigan Alliance for Families